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Becoming a Blesser

"The act of blessing, berekh, means imparting vital power to another person. 
The one who blesses gives the other person something of his/her own soul."
- Claus Westermann

As we age, many of our roles fall away and often with them, a sense of identity and purpose.  “Who am I now?” is a question that elders frequently ask. A life-giving answer can be, “I’m a Blesser.”  Becoming a Blesser calls us to mindfulness, an open heart and intention. Being a Blesser means lending strength, courage and wisdom to another that leads to their wholeness.​

Taking on the identity of Blesser can bring us into relationship with the world in a refreshing, profound way.

Rev. Lois is available to lead retreats, workshops and small group gatherings on The Blessing Path and other aspects of the spiritual journey of aging.

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